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Mexico City school trip - my first film camera telling stories

I grew up in a small town in the south of Mexico. When I was 10, I we went on a school trip to the big smoke - Mexico City. My dad gave me my first ever camera, a 35mm film Nikon camera and so, armed with that and a whole bunch of film rolls, I got into the school bus and started snapping. 

The developed films are some of my all-time favourite. Soon after, I moved to New Zealand. I didn't realise they would be the last photographs I had of my best friends. 

My love for documenting moments (and being a memory hoarder lol) started there. The photographs remind me of my culture & people. Simply magical.

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Hiking through the Himalayas

In 2018, before the world of travel changed and before I ever dreamed of photographing weddings, I booked a ticket to Nepal, alone, with the mission to see Mt Everest.

2 weeks before the trip, I bought myself my first Sony camera, a drone, and 2 lenses.

Throughout my 6 weeks in Nepal, so many things changed. I volunteered at a Buddhist & a Christian orphanage, visited schools, met school teachers, rescued children & founders of NGO's full of passion and kindness. 

I got to photograph and film stories to not only remember moments but to say something important. There are so many unsung heroes that are present every day & weddings are FULL of them!

My Fav Moments

Hiking the himalayas

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Jony & Alistair - Jan 2020, looking at their wedding photos with the whole fam.

Jony & Alistair got in touch with me 1 month before their big day. Jony's mum was diagnosed with cancer and didn't have much longer.

During their wedding, they surprised everyone and shaved their heads in solidarity with Jony's mum and all those suffering from cancer. That night, they raised over 3K for the Cancer Society and their story took over hearts all over the world.

A month later (and only 3 days after they go their full gallery!), Jony's mum sadly passed away. The photographs hold so much more meaning that I'll ever know. Meeting J&A's family carved my heart! THIS is what it's all about!


Standing in solidarity with J&A

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I'm definitely a quality over quantity kinda person. I love 1:1's and going deep in conversation, learning from each other, walking away from a catchup better than how we walked in. 

Getting married is a big deal, been there. I know how emotional it all is & the new season that starts. It's a point in our lives where we celebrate the old and look forward to the new and it's at that cusp in time that I get to meet you. It's insane. I can't even describe it. 

All I know is that friendship awaits and I'm so damn excited to meet you both!

It's no secret. I'm a wedding photographer because of the people I get to create art with.


It's SO important to protect your engagement season & make the most of it!

The key is to lean into the expertise of your vendors. Don't do this alone. We got chu!

All of my packages include a timeline building session, a planning portal and lots of planning goodies. Whenever, whatever, I'm here to make sure not only your wedding is KICK-ASS, but also the months prior, during and after!

I will provide you with awesome recommendations, give you tips and tricks to get around some planning nightmares and be there to help every step of the way.

You will be married for a long time, but you won't be engaged for long!

fun facts

- What makes me probably quite uncool lol

- Taekwondo was a massive part of my childhood! I hold many titles, coached little ones and still go to a few classes every now and then!

- I have a secret obsession with seaplanes, I long to live in Canada one day flying seaplanes haha - I started my PPL and currently learning how to fly!

- I am a citizen of 3 countries. Mexico, New Zealand and Uruguay (my parents are from Uruguay)

- When I'm not shooting weddings, I am house & pet sitting animals!

- I do really love hot sauce. 


Heartwarming quotes

"Pia was absolutely amazing and made our day feel extra special. From the moment we met her until saying goodbye, she was warm, fun and welcoming and made the 'awkwardness' of taking photos feel very natural and enjoyable"




Jan 11, 2021

Nat & Zac


"Since the very first time we spoke to Pia, she was absolutely lovely and wonderful. We love her enthusiasm and we are very, very grateful that she could be there for us!"




ARPIL, 08, 2019

Lula & Nic


"We want to thank you Pia for being so fantastic and a bloody legend with our photography. We couldn't have asked for a better photographer and we are DEFINITELY glad we found you!"




March 31, 2021

Nikita & Jordan



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